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Husbandry / Management

Looking after your animals is the most important factor to consider while breeding Boer Goats. At Seven Hills we are all about best practice. We provide some of the most concise information available on the web.


Calendar of Events

An outline of the periods our animals go through

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Goat Care & Diseases

Read about important information on Goat Care - Tips and Advice

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Internal Parasites

Preventing Internal Parasites is key to our High Quality Stock

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External Parasites

There are a number of external parasites which can impact on goat health and production.

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Drenching Programs

Drenches (anthelminics) are only one part of what MUST be an integrated approach.

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Goat Digestive Physiology

Goats, like cattle and sheep are ruminants. They have a four chambered stomach.

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